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Otitis dog and cat

What is otitis?
Otitis is an inflammation of the ear, very common in cats and dogs. The most common signs of otitis in cats and dogs include head shaking, production of wax, unpleasant smell and inflammation with the consequent risk of infection. In fact inflammation provides the ideal breeding ground for infections caused by germs, parasitic (sarcoptic and demodectic mange) and mycotic infestation.

So otitis is not caused by germs?
That’s correct! An inflammation provides the ideal breeding ground for infections: in other words the germs normally present in that area reproduce in an abnormal way thanks to the inflammation. Infection therefore, is not the cause but the effect of the problem.

What causes the initial inflammatory state of the ear?
The explanation is simple and surprising!
Apart from existing and known causes, nowadays one of the most frequent causes of otitis is intolerance to one or more foods. Food intolerance is a growing pathology in both veterinary and human medicine, and the inflammation of the most sensitive part (target organ) is the way the body responds. The inflammation of the target organ often represents the only visible manifestation of food intolerance. If the target organ of food intolerance to one or more foods is the ear, the only valid solution to treat the consequent otitis and prevent a relapse is a change in diet. In fact if food, which a body recognises as toxic, is eaten even only once it will cause an inflammatory process that will last a few days.
If that same food continues to be included in the diet the inflammatory process will become chronic.

Is this the reason why continuous relapses occur despite pharmacological treatments?
Yes, as germs are not the cause but the effect of the problem, very often the only way to effectively treat otitis and prevent relapses is with a specific diet after having identified the food intolerance.

What is food intolerance?
When the body recognises the substances ingested as toxic or harmful they are eliminated through an inflammatory process. This reaction is called food intolerance.

Is an inflammatory process an illness?
Absolutely not! On the contrary it is the body’s main healing process. The body uses the inflammation process to “burn” all the substances it recognises as toxic and harmful.

What can cats and dogs be intolerant to?
Extensive research carried out by SANYpet veterinaries has shown that meat produced using intensive breeding systems is the main cause of most food intolerances.

Why meat obtained using intensive breeding systems?
Due to the frequent presence, especially in chicken and pork, of residues of antibiotics used (in compliance with the law) to avoid diseases. These pharmacologically active residues are eliminated by the body through an inflammatory process.

Otitis … what a problem!
The ears are one of the organs mainly affected by this type of inflammatory reaction. This condition, very common in cats and dogs, often represents a frustrating and difficult problem to treat for both veterinary and owner. Traditional pharmacological treatments rarely prevent relapses as they do not eliminate the cause.

SANYpet, for the solution to food-related otitis, has created the line of dietary products called Forza10 Reset:

Forza10 Reset (Reset Mini for small dogs, Reset Medium for medium-size dogs, Reset
Maxi for large-size dogs), is a specific dietary pet food that can reverse the food-related otitis over a period of one to four weeks.

Forza10Reset, thanks to its composition can contribute in a significant way to cure your pets also in serious cases of chronic otitis.

Take care of your pets by giving them a correct and balanced diet! Forza10 is the result of extensive studies carried out by the veterinary staff at SANypet, under the guidance of Dr. Sergio Canello, the first veterinary worldwide to study food intolerances.

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